Citroën HY Team Holland

Een team waar HY niet zonder kan




Route Magazijn

Pastoor Boelensstraat 5A 5384 GR Heesch

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Especially for our foreign visitors

From all over Europe they know where to find us!

Citroën HY Team Holland has its own parts-warehouse in Heesch wich - under the direction of coordinator Fred Knibbeler – is run by about twenty volunteers.
As a member of the Citroën HY team you can buy parts for your HY here.
In addition, our employees will gladly provide you with information and advice on the spot, while you are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

The warehouse has most parts for your HY at the warehouse. If you want to be sure the part you are looking for is in stock, please mail to: or call 073-6432335 before driving to Heesch.


Regular opening hours:

The warehouse is open from March until October every Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours.

The exceptions are:
1. Saturdays during meetings
2. The first Saturday of May at Citromobile.

Orders wich are small and not too heavy can also be sent COD or prepayment. In that case your order can pass by mail () or by phone (073-6432335).
Please include your phone number in the mail, so we can contact you if necessary.
Orders placed on Friday will be prepared before 16.00 hours the following Saturday. You’ll have your (COD) orders home first Wednesday or Thursday after that.
You can also order parts and pick them up during the meetings at the meeting area.


What can the Citroën HY Team mean to you as a participant?
During 2010 the foundation turned into a foundation with participants. Anyone who pays an annual participation fee, is a participant.

Benefits you have as a participant:

  • You will be provided with advice and support by phone and email, Monday through Friday from 9 hours to 21 hours
  • You can buy items at the warehouse in Heesch.
  • We can send you small items (possibly COD).
  • You can participate in maintenance workshops
  • You will receive "TUB-journaal" 5 times a year
  • We care if you have bad luck, by sending you the required parts.
  • You (and the other members of your family) can attend meetings and (children's) survivals
  • You can participate in the annual information day for participants.

NO OBLIGATION: If you are a participant, youre Citroën HY Team Holland’s guest.


Become a member and fill in the registration form at the top of our site ("inschrijven->Deelnemer worden"). Welcome!!