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International Citroën HY Festival

International Citroën HY Festival

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75th Anniversary, Mookerplas 26th-29th May 2022

Save the Date!

For some time now the HY Team and Le Camion have been working hard to organise an International HY festival during the weekend of Ascension Day 2022. This wonderful Jubilee Festival will take place on the terrain of “Leisureland” on the beautiful lake of the “Mookerplas” at Mook. Something to look forward to for all ages! Permit requests have already been submitted, so it’s all coming together!!

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We have researched the best spots for our festival as early as last Summer and found this to be our preferred location. It has it all! Beautiful green scenery, on the water, back to nature and lots of fun the kids as well (swings, water pumps, zip-line and several climbing frames).

The terrain itself has different options to setup the festival with solid driving paths all the way up to the camping fields. There are camping spots for the non-stop party animals as well as those of us who prefer a spot away from the hustle and bustle.


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What to expact at a Citroen HY Festival:

Bigger is better! It has been a while since we had a big HY meeting, and we hope to welcome a crowd like never before! We are aiming for at least 150 busses, however there is plenty of room for more. Just to keep you in the loop, we are currently busy planning the layout of the terrain.

What will it look like? There will be a central tent with benches, seats, and a bar. Lots of passionate and enthusiastic HY-food truck owners will surround the tent preparing lovely food and drinks. Music, live performances and storytelling. There is also space for market stalls. Need a break? Look out for the hammock area to take a moment to relax. Next to this the organization committee will create an excellent programme with sports, games and adventure, as well as excursions outside the festival area for soke in the surroundings.


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All help is Welcome

It is a great experience to organise this festival with such a great team, and we look forward to making it a great success together with all the volunteers! If you would like to join our team, please let us know.

Examples of how you can help:

- Organisation Committee

- Classic Citroen food trucks, for market and/or food area

- Theatre/musical groups

- Enthusiastic and handy people who would like to help to build up, decorate and breakdown the camp

- Hosting games/entertainment for all ages

- Musicians

- Video/photografers. Licensed Drone pilots

- Hosting a workshop

- Yoga on the beach

- Organising bike/hiking routes


Other ideas or people who would just like to lend a helping end are also welcome. Please let us know.

Please email:

In our next communication we expect to announce the council’s approval and how to enroll yourselves for the weekend.

Let’s make it an unforgettable festival!

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We look forward to seeing you all there!


Kind Regards,

Michelle Vonk

Manfred Vonk

Niels Kind

Teun van Baaren

Raymond van der Meij

Marco Sales